Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 13c Version

Oracle BI Publisher

For each target we have use DBSNMP credentials.

We have two type of credentials for each target:

  • Monitoring Database Credentials (for agent monitoring purpose)
  • Database Usage Tracking Credentials (for BI Publisher report)

Monitoring Database Credentials already set up when we create target. Also when we go to

Setup – Security – Monitoring Credentials

we see that Database Usage Tracking Credentials is empty instead of Monitoring Database Credentials.

We could set Database Usage Tracking Credentials with DBSNMP user/password as well.

But we have situation when we have thousand of DBs and we don’t know DBSNMP most password. It is created by automate procedure. Also on some DBs this password could be different. And also could be change in future.

So it is not possible to set up Database Usage Tracking Credentials manually.

But we need this credentials to generate BI Publisher Report - Database Usage Tracking Summary.

DBs without credentials does not includes in this report.

My question is – could we set up that OEM could use same DBSNMP credentials for both: Monitoring Database Credentials and Database Usage Tracking Credentials? Without using console or emcli.

Here we can set both credentials for 1 target

If we don't have Database Usage Tracking Credentials we haven't DB in BIP report

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