I want to take a backup from my postgresql db which I use for my Django project.

I'm using ubuntu 18.04 and want to import it in AWS lightsail.

I read pgadmin docs on how to take a backup with a definition for each option item under Dump options.

But I don't know what options should be yes or no for restoring this db when I want to deploy my project on AWS lightsail.

I took a backup with custom format and UTF8 encoding with postgres role name from my db. under dump options I selected following options:

  • pre-data yes
  • data yes
  • post-data yes
  • blobs yes
  • comments yes
  • user column inserts yes
  • use insert commands yes
  • include create database statement yes
  • include drop database statement yes
  • qouting yes
  • verbose messages yes

When I want to restore it in a db in AWS lightsail I get the following error for some tables:

Running command:

/usr/bin/pg_restore --host "blah-blah-blah" --port "5432" --username "dbmasteruser" --no-password --dbname "cms_restore" --verbose "/home/shahriar/cmsproject_backup.txt"

pg_restore: error: could not execute query: ERROR:  role "postgres" does not exist
Command was: ALTER TABLE public.auth_permission_id_seq OWNER TO postgres;

Failed (exit code: 1).

But when I check the db in AWS I see my data in pgadmin.

What is wrong with the backing-up process or restoring process?

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