Which of the two postgres configuration files postgresql.conf and pg_hba.conf takes priority?

pg_hba.conf controls client authentication methods including 'md5' and 'scram-sha-256'

postgresql.conf includes an entry for password_encryption which can be 'md5' or 'scram-sha-256' (or blank, I guess)

So if these values aren't set to the same thing, which takes priority?


There is no priority to choose because they have different purposes.

  • password_encryption in postgresql.conf tells how to hash a new password when it's changed or a new user is created with a password.

  • the field in pg_hba.conf tells what kind of authentication scheme should be used when a client that matches the rules attempts to connect.

When connecting with a client that does not support SCRAM authentication:

If the first line that matches in pg_hba.conf for this connection attempt has, in the METHOD field:

  • scram-sha-256, the connection will be rejected.

  • md5 and the password of this account is stored with an md5 hash (independently of password_encryption), the connection will succeed.

  • md5 and the password of this account is stored with an scram-sha256 hash (independently of password_encryption), the connection will be rejected.

A superuser can check what kind of password is assigned to existing accounts by looking at the hashed passwords in the system table pg_catalog.pg_authid.

  • So if I'm connecting to the database via an old version of Npgsql that can't cope with scram-sha-256 I need to ensure that NEITHER of these files mention scram-sha-256? Nov 25 '20 at 19:41
  • @ConanTheGerbil: almost. See the edit. Nov 25 '20 at 21:56

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