I remember when installing MySQL Server 8.0, or in some database setups, there are warnings about no password login. Should I worry about this? I think if someone gets access to root user on my debian they can reset root password of MariaDB. What is the real answer here? I appreciate doc reference.


Only if you have only localhost access.

When the attacker has somehow direct baccess to your server, it isn't that much important, but will still remain a nuisance for the hacker.

When you let access from outside the computer, it is vital that there is a strong password, which lets casual users not gain full access to the hole database.

Overall, yes make a passowrd

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    But I guess root access is done through a socket plugin so it might not be accessible even when remote access is granted
    – Ehsan88
    Nov 29 '20 at 16:34
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    socket and name pipes work only on a local computer, but as i said when a hacker has local access, he cqan circumvent every security meassure. So a password is only a nuisance
    – nbk
    Nov 29 '20 at 16:53

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