I have a cube like this : cube

After 10 mn processing it, I killed the visual studio processus. Little dimensions A->I have in average 10 members, which do not change over time. I created dedicated dimensions because I would like to perform queries in SSRS by their Name attribute. I had a look at junk dimensions but the number of members of each dimension seems to be too high.

Do you know if the excessive processing time is caused by the number of members in DIM DATE times the number of relations between FACT 2 and DIM DATE? Or is it caused by the little dimensions I added?

More generally, do you have an advice concerning this cube design?

thank you.

EDIT : Fact2 is also defined as a dimension(the new cube wizard suggested me to add this as a dimension, so I did it). After the removal of this dimension processing times became normal again. Why this behavior about FACT2? Why this very long processing time?

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