We have a query which we want to optimize for high performance. The message column in table is of JSONB type and it holds a large json object. Is there a way to optimze this? We have an index already on the batch_num

SELECT jsonb_array_elements_text(message #> '{results}') AS res FROM TABLE WHERE batch_num = '11';
  • How large is the JSONB, how fast is it now, and how fast does it need to be? – jjanes Dec 11 '20 at 19:16

You painted yourself into a corner by modeling this with jsonb. The whole large thing has to be read to extract the attribute.

The best I can think of is to break the desired value out of the large object into its own column:

   ADD results jsonb GENERATED ALWAYS AS (message -> 'results') STORED;

This will work on recent PostgreSQL versions; for older versions you can use a trigger that does the same thing.

Then you only have to read the results column instead of the whole message.

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