In Teradata 17, I am trying to call their own hash_md5 external function from my own SQL stored procedure:

replace procedure p()
sql security creator
  declare l_hash varchar(32);
  set l_hash = hash_md5('abc');

call p();

I get:

Failed [3706 : 42000] P:Syntax error: expected something between '(' and the string 'abc'.

I can call this function successfully in plain SQL:

select hash_md5('abc');


I tried to pass a parameter in, instead of a hardcoded literal, but it made no difference.

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hash_md5 is a C-UDF, which must be installed. Without qualified object name it will only be found if it's created in TD_SYSFNLIB or SYSLIB or the current session default database.

This should work:

set l_hash = mydb.hash_md5('abc');

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