I am setting up a web app that runs on 2 sites and shares db, Initially I setup 1 Galera Cluster with all nodes in it,

enter image description here

but sometimes SST on bringing node up takes lot of time and service start times out, I am not sure if something is better than rsync for reliable SST on a network with small bandwidth.

then I thought of using either of 2 scenerios but I am not sure if they are good idea or not ? enter image description here EDIT: the arrow in 2nd image from proxysql to proxysql is bidirectional.

in the later I have 2 Galera Cluster on each site, and both have master-to-master replication via proxysql , (why from within proxysql so if 1 master node goes down we can update the other master node of Galera Cluster.)

What is your opinion on this ?

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