I'm looking for a way of getting transactions from WAL files. Basically I need their LSN numbers. (ideally both transactions LSN numbers and WAL files first and last LSN numbers)

I have a PostgreSQL cluster binary backup and set of WAL files.

I would like to perform PITR but first I need to find the point where I need to restore to. So I need to find a particular transaction LSN or XID number which later I'm goin to use as recovery_target.

Could you please give an idea how to get LSN numbers or XID numbers from WAL file ?

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Run pg_waldump on the WAL segment.

Then you will get lines like

rmgr: Heap        len (rec/tot):    115/   115, tx:        564, lsn: 0/01FECDB0, prev 0/01FECC88, desc: HOT_UPDATE off 1 xmax 564 flags 0x60 ; new off 2 xmax 0, blkref #0: rel 1663/16385/1417 blk 0

In there you have tx: 564, lsn: 0/01FECDB0, which is your desired information.

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