When changing the password of the users mentioned above the sessions hangs. And it seems to be a deadlock. When changing the password it seems that two sessions are spawned:

Blocking session
1 26 58821  Concurrency row cache lock
Waiting session:
0 405 45629 fuvf4b27452y5 Idle PX Deq: Execute Reply

fuvf4b27452y5 -> /* SQL Analyze(405,0) */
FROM X$KXFTASK /*kpdbReplayDDL,PDB_Replay_DDL*/

When an user with with dv_patch_admin role changes the password it works. When disabling Database Vault it works. I didn’t find this in oracle support. This is an Oracle Database 19.9 Multitenant.

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We opened a SR at Oracle support. It was identified as a bug and forwarded to development.


  1. Give DV_PATCH_ADMIN role to user changing pwd.
  2. Close pdb and execute in cdb.

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