I write this simpe test.ksh scipt:


TEST=$(cat $1 )
sqlplus -S *****/*****@*****<<- EOF
set define off;
      q'[ $TEST ]'


Now if i run it with a simple file (3 lines without special char):

./test.ksh /home/oracle/scripts/test.txt
1 row created.

Commit complete.

It runs perfectly.

If I choose a complex file (with blank lines and special character ), it doesn't work:

./test.ksh /home/oracle/scripts/check_free_space_dg.ksh
SP2-0734: unknown command beginning "# ========..." - rest of line ignored.
SP2-0734: unknown command beginning "# @(#) NOM..." - rest of line ignored.
SP2-0734: unknown command beginning "# @(#) GRU..." - rest of line ignored.
SP2-0734: unknown command beginning "# @(#) DES..." - rest of line ignored.
SP2-0044: For a list of known commands enter HELP
and to leave enter EXIT.

SQL-Plus doesn't support hash as a comment character. You can use these to make comments:

  • REM or REMARK at the beginning of a line
  • -- (double dashes) at the beginning of a line
  • or paired /* with */ for block comment, as seen in C.
  • I don't use comment in sqlplus in my test.ksh script. The commented rows (#) are in the file that i want upload in the database
    – Michele M
    Dec 18 '20 at 8:40
  • None of that seems to be in the examples you've pasted in.
    – chicks
    Dec 18 '20 at 14:45
  • I don't show the content of the uploaded file. check_free_space_dg.ksh is a bash scritp but i used it for test. I have diffent bash files to upload with different content. I can't post here all my shell scripts.
    – Michele M
    Dec 21 '20 at 13:35
  • The commented rows that you want to upload to the database appear to be the problem. Your shell script looks fine. Getting the SQL to fit SQL-Plus' idea of what an acceptable comment is seems like the solution.
    – chicks
    Dec 21 '20 at 14:39

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