I have, in SSAS, a fact PERSONS which contains the Measures [Number of PERSONS] and [Weight]. The first one has the value 844. In order to achieve some calculus, I would like to get the list of all Weights, not only the list of the different ones.

The query

WITH member number as
COUNT (NONEMPTY( [Measures].[Weight]   ))

SELECT number ON 0
FROM [mycube]

produces: result

I don't understand this result. It is not the result of an aggregation.

The query:

WITH member number as
COUNT (NONEMPTY([Dim Date].[Date].[Date].members , [Measures].[Weight]   ))

SELECT number ON 0
FROM [mycube]

used to bypass some aggregation produces: too many results

which is not the correct number.

An answer could to create a dimension (I could get the entire list with the function '.members') but it is goes against the purpose of Weight, which is a measure, not a group.

thank you.

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