I had a Full Text Index population going on for too much time and storage, so I decided to stop it, but the population didn't stop.


  • Both index and catalog are created using the Full Text Indexing Wizard (right-click on table name > Full Text Index > Define Full-Text Index).
  • I reproduced the problem several times (and still can), and the following describes what I experienced with the different Track Changes options: automatic, manual, and no tracking.
  • Dropping the index and the catalog works without no problem.

Track Changes: Automatically

  1. I first tried to stop it using:

    Right-click on table > Full-Text Index > Stop Population

    Which popped up a success window, while actually the population continued (confirmed by executing one of the queries posted here, and exec sp_spaceused MyTable which constantly showed a growing storage usage).

  2. I then tried executing:


    Which failed with the following error:

    Warning: Full-text auto propagation is on. Stop crawl request is ignored.

    Although it's only a "warning", the command was in fact ignored, and the population continued.

  3. I then tried another option:

    EXEC sp_fulltext_catalog 'MyFullTextCatalog', 'stop'

    Which resulted in the same warning.

Track Changes: Manually

I followed the exact three steps above, but the results were somewhat different:

  1. For step 1, I again got a success window, while population still continued.

  2. For step 2, I got an error:

    Invalid object name 'MyFullTextCatalog'.
  3. For step 3, I got a warning:

    Warning: The ongoing population is necessary to ensure an up-to-date index. If needed, stop change tracking first, and then deactivate the full-text index population.

Track Changes: None (success!)

I followed the exact three steps above, but now experienced success:

  1. For step 1, I got a success window, and the population actually stopped.

  2. For step 2 (after I recreated the index using the wizard), I got the same error as above:

    Invalid object name 'MyFullTextCatalog'.
  3. For step 3 (after I recreated the index using the wizard), I got a success message, and the population did stop.

What's causing the warnings\errors which prevent population from stopping (well, at least for auto and manual tracking)?

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