I am trying to install Oracle 19c RAC on three nodes, running RHEL 8.3. GRID installation was ok. But, Oracle DB SW install using runInstaller(GUI) is stuck with this issue while checking for SSH connectivity between nodes.

Error Reported: Cause - Either passwordless SSH connectivity is not setup between specified node(s) or they are not reachable. Refer to the logs for more details. Action - Refer to the logs for more details or contact Oracle Support Services. More Details PRVF-5311 : File "/tmp/InstallActions2020-12-24_01-17-15PM/xyzsvr.getFileInfo184599.out" either does not exist or is not accessible on node "xyzsvr".

When I tried runcluvfy, it reports ok.

$ /u01/app/19.0.0/grid/runcluvfy.sh comp admprv -n xyzsvr1,xyzsvr2,xyzsvr3 -o user_equiv -sshonly -verbose

Verifying User Equivalence ... Node Name Status

xyzsvr2 passed xyzsvr3 passed

Verifying Checking user equivalence for user "oracle" on all cluster nodes ...PASSED

From node To node Status

xyzsvr2 xyzsvr1 SUCCESSFUL xyzsvr2 xyzsvr3 SUCCESSFUL xyzsvr3 xyzsvr1 SUCCESSFUL xyzsvr3 xyzsvr2 SUCCESSFUL Verifying User Equivalence ...PASSED

Verification of administrative privileges was successful.

CVU operation performed: administrative privileges Date: Dec 24, 2020 1:44:57 PM CVU home: /u01/app/19.0.0/grid/ User: oracle

There is nothing in Oracle support site.


Try below solution:

Rename the original scp. ( find where is the scp executable file present)

mv /usr/bin/scp /usr/bin/scp.orig

Create a new file .

vi /usr/bin/scp

Add the below line to the new created file .

/usr/bin/scp.orig -T $*

Change the file permission.

chmod 555 /usr/bin/scp

Once installation is done , you can revert to the original

mv /usr/bin/scp.orig /usr/bin/scp



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