I want to create a website and I have a data set of schools locations stored in Mongodb . There will be a search box on my website and when I search for the name of the school, I want to get the coordinates of the school.

How can I apply the query I made on the website to the database. What are the processes returning to the back?

Can you show me a way?

I did research on this but could not find an explanatory narrative. I'm so stuck please help. Thank you.

NOT: I don't have to use Mongodb.


You tagged Python so I'm assuming that's the functional language you're using. This entry level tutorial, Python MongoDB, should be enough to get you started with connecting to your database with Python. (By the way, MongoDB can certainly handle a basic search, but if you plan to have more structured data or relational type queries, then a RDBMS system might better for you like PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, etc.)

  • Thank you @J.D. Can you help me also how I connect my website and Mongodb? – Sun Dec 30 '20 at 15:45

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