I have a schema in which I store data regarding customer's credit cards and I want to find a way to associate each order (can have multiple payment entries -partial payments-) with its the selected credit card in the checkout funnel

So far I have

status (started, completed)

card_id (entity card_token_id)
other card_data

payment_token (charge_id from entity, like stripe)
order_id (FK)
payment_type_id (FK to payment_type) (in this case id for stripe entry in payment_type)

I would like to know which customer_cards has been used to place an order (first order-payment_entry entry)

I've been thinking on adding a new column in Payment_entries that stores the card_id or customer_cards id of each payment entry but I'm worried It would not scale if we add a different payment_type

Other idea is to add a table with the relation order_id - customer_cards but it sounds a bit redundant to me.

What do you folks advise?


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I think it's fine to do your first idea with adding the id of customer_cards as a field to the Payment_entries table. This then makes it a linking table between Order and customer_cards so you can answer the question "which customer cards have been used to place an order?".

For scalability, I would advise calling the new column something like payment_method_id in Payment_entries that way it's generically re-usable for other payment_types you may add as you scale.

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    Thanks a lot J.D. just what I thought. Thanks also for the recommendation, I marked your answer as accepted.
    – soni
    Jan 11, 2021 at 12:20

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