I have read official Oracle documentation on INMEMORY JOIN GROUP and run code from their tutorials. However I unable to successfully create INMEMORY JOIN GROUP.

  • Installed database is Oracle 12.2
  • INMEMORY TABLE and INMEMORY COLUMN were created successfully.

Exception message of INMEMORY JOIN GROUP creation below:

Error starting at line : 1 in command -
CREATE INMEMORY JOIN GROUP employees_departments
    (employees(department_id), departments())
Error report -
ORA-00900: invalid SQL statement
00900. 00000 -  "invalid SQL statement"

My code is

CREATE INMEMORY JOIN GROUP employees_departments
    (employees(department_id), departments());

Are there any Oracle initialize parameters that should be specified in order to turn on support of INMEMORY JOIN GROUP?

Oracle SQL Developer highlights INMEMORY as incorrect syntax: enter image description here

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No you need also a column for the departments table

CREATE TABLE employees(department_id int)
CREATE TAble departments(department_id int)
CREATE INMEMORY JOIN GROUP employees_departments
    (employees(department_id), departments(department_id));

db<>fiddle here

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