The installation puts character-set-server=utf8 in my.ini by default. Is it better to use utf8mb4 instead of clean utf8 and if Yes, why utf8mb4 is not set by default?

  • What version are you running? – Rick James Jan 13 at 0:44

depending on Version utf8 is a synonym for utf8mb3 or utf8mb4.

so you are always compatible with the version and you can restore a backup without problems, if the version has no utf8mb4 support

  • Does it mean that comparisons like utf8 vs utf8mb4 are obsolete because utf8 is now not the old utf8? – i486 Jan 12 at 15:43
  • 1
    yes, mysql and mariadb replaces utf8 with the current version – nbk Jan 12 at 15:52

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