Need help loading point data in sql spatial.

Similar to this post but I really dont know how to get XY data to be accessible by sql

I want to do what was done in the initial part of this post (Identify points that plot inside the polygon):


SELECT points.name, polygons.name
    FROM points CROSS JOIN
    WHERE  (polygons.shape.STContains(points.shape) = 1) 

How do you get the points loaded into your table and sql to recognize the points with out having to define them like the below?

insert into @points values 

I am having a hard time defining points without doing it manually like above

Ideally I could build a table like this by selecting the xy data I have in a table already

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Its very clunky but you need to use stpointfromtext

geometry::STPointFromText('POINT(xxxxx yyyyyy)', SRID)

...where xxxxx andf yyyyy are the coordinate values and SRID is the grid identifier for the projection you are using. Wrap it all up with a cursor like in the following example:

Insert geometry from XY coordinates using SQL (ESRI | Technical Support)

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