I have a query and want the output in a .csv file with today's date and time in the name (I am using PostgreSQL v12).

(SELECT * FROM mytable)
TO 'C:\Users\me\mylocation\filename_date_time.csv' CSV HEADER

where date_time is YYYY-MM-DD-h_m_s (or similar)

I have seen some solutions to this using bash. For various reasons I am on a Windows machine with no bash.

I would like to do this using psql please.


You have to use dynamic SQL, for example with a DO statement:

   datestr text := to_char(current_timestamp, 'YYYY-MM-DD-HH24_MI_SS');
   EXECUTE format(
              'COPY '
              '(SELECT * FROM mytable) '
              'TO %L CSV HEADER',
              'C:\Users\me\mylocation\' || datestr || '.csv'

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