I try to do more advance query in mysql but got error in query, i try to count and group by. here is my query:

"select department,
(select count(id) from mcu group by dept) as tot1,
(select count(status_mcu) from mcu where status_mcu='done' group by dept) as tot2,
(tot1 - sum(select count(status_mcu) where status_mcu='done') as tot3,
FROM mcu"

can you help me out ? what wrong with my query ? i do some search in other threads and this is what i got. try do query like :

"select department,
select count(id),
sum(case when status_mcu='done' then 1 end)

not worked too. Any help is appreciate.

my sql version is 5.5.25 – casthrotopes

  • Hi, and welcome to the forum! What version of MySQL are you using - should be in every question! Also, please provide a fiddle with your tables and data and also your desired result. Jan 21 '21 at 7:39
  • thanks for fast response @Vérace, my sql version is 5.5.25 Jan 21 '21 at 7:45
  • My first question might be "why are you running an antique?" - but I know that programmers/DBAs don't always have control over their environments - now, what about your tables and data and desired resutl? Jan 21 '21 at 7:46
  • here is my query It is logically wrong (the subquery will most likely return a rowset, not a scalar value). And it is synthactically wrong (nested aggregate functions, lost data source). Post the task itself, not only the attempt to solve it.
    – Akina
    Jan 21 '21 at 7:50
  • When responding to a request for more information about a question, please put that information into the text of the question itself - you can let the person who requested it know by putting a comment below theirs and putting @ + their handle into the body of your response - e.g. for me it would be @Vérace. Jan 21 '21 at 10:19

Without seeing the exact error message returned, I can't be 100% certain, but there are two glaring errors:

  1. Is the column name Department or Dept? This does not seem clear.
  2. You cannot reference tot1 unless it is first derived in a CTE or sub-select (derived table).
  3. The subquery sum(select count(status_mcu) where status_mcu='done') does not have a FROM clause. Furthermore, I'm not sure what purpose where aggregating a high-level aggregate is necessary/desired.
  4. As a general critique, you're hitting the same table over and over again which is not optimal from a performance standpoint.

Start with this and see if it returns the desired results (if it doesn't, you'll need to clarify your question to provide the proper logic):

 ,COUNT(mcu.Id) AS Tot1
        WHEN mcu.status_mcu='done' THEN 1
        ELSE 0
    ) AS tot2
 ,COUNT(mcu.Id) - 
          WHEN mcu.status_mcu='done' THEN 1
          ELSE 0
      ) AS tot3
  mcu mcu

  • Thankyou your query work like magic! it work now. Jan 22 '21 at 7:07

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