I have Oracle job that uses dbms_job package. I see that it becomes BROKEN:

Select job,what,BROKEN from dba_jobs; 
-------- ------------ -----------
1   statspack.snap; Y

I would like to know the reason it's BROKEN

ASAIK for scheduled job we have dba_scheduler_job_log view where we can see the fail reason, but what about dbms_job jobs?


And that is one of the reasons why everyone should forget DBMS_JOB and use DBMS_SCHEDULER.

DBMS_JOB jobs do not have history or any logging enabled. If a DBMS_JOB job fails, that should be reported in the database alert log. If a DBMS_JOB fails 16 times in a row, it will be automatically marked as broken.

Your job either failed 16 times in a row and was marked broken, or someone manually set it as broken.

  • Thank you Balazs! you are like Oracle Jesus here, come to save us! Thank you so much again :) Jan 21 at 12:54

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