I was facing connection failed for requested login in SQL server 2016 used for example.com domain on a VPS. I added the following logins to the database NT AUTHORITY\IUSR and NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE and IIS AppPool\SampleAppPool but the login failed untill I added the VPS\EXAMPLE.COM_WEB (found from the advanced search) and login was successful.

What is the identity of EXAMPLE.COM_WEB? It is not a windows user, nor application pool nor ISUR and SERVICES. I have to mention that there is SolidCP installed on the server. I don't know if these kind of identity is related to the solidCP and why it is needed to connect to database?


This would be either a user generated and used in your application, or an AD group a user in your application is a part of, or a special AD group your application is reliant on while running in IIS. It has nothing directly to do with SQL Server. You may be able to find better information out on ServerFault.com or possibly StackOverflow.com.

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