Is there any way to create a MS SQL Server Linked Server to connect to MySQL through SSH?

I managed to connect to MySQL through SSH using other database management tools like HeidiSQL or DBeaver, however I'd like to have this setup up for SSMS. I downloaded the MySQL ODBC driver but I can't find where to setup the SSH connection

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HeidiSQL or DBeaver manage the SSH connection and not ODBC. You'll need to create your SSH connection with a port forward first.

Then test if you can connect a mysql client to the local ssh forwarded port.

Then attempt to create your linked server using ODBC to local end of the ssh forwarded port.

  • Thanks danblack. In my case, I managed to resolve this issue by creating a new MySQL user, configuring the ODBC connection and creating the Linked Server
    – user110366
    Feb 12, 2021 at 16:08

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