In PostgeSQL's psql interactive terminal, you can type \?+<enter> to produce a overview that shows a list of common commands. In Ubuntu Linux, is there a way that I can pipe that content to a file that I can cat or open up in a GUI text editor?

$ echo '\?' | psql > psql_backslash_help.txt
$ head psql_backslash_help.txt 
  \copyright             show PostgreSQL usage and distribution terms
  \crosstabview [COLUMNS] execute query and display results in crosstab
  \errverbose            show most recent error message at maximum verbosity
  \g [(OPTIONS)] [FILE]  execute query (and send results to file or |pipe);
                         \g with no arguments is equivalent to a semicolon
  \gdesc                 describe result of query, without executing it
  \gexec                 execute query, then execute each value in its result
  \gset [PREFIX]         execute query and store results in psql variables
  \gx [(OPTIONS)] [FILE] as \g, but forces expanded output mode

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