I'm new to postgres administration and was wondering what does the "*" symbol means in the repmgr cluster show command output.

 ID | Name    | Role    | Status    | Upstream | Location | Connection string                                               
 1  | node-1  | standby |   running | node-2   | default  | host= [...] 
 2  | node-2  | primary | * running |          | default  | host= [...]
 3  | node-3  | witness | * running | node-2   | default  | host= [...]

I didn't find anything about it in the documentation (https://repmgr.org/docs/4.0/repmgr-cluster-show.html)

Using repmgr cluster show --csv as mentioned in the documentation, I can see that the node with ID 1 is in recovery state "in recovery". Is it related ?

postgresql version : 10.5 repmgr version : 4.0

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It's not documented, but the code is here; it looks like * running is used for the running state for primaries and witnesses, but not secondaries. I'm not sure how intended that is; it might have just been a copy/paste of the code block that was used for primary; here's the relevant commit that introduced the 2nd * running status string.

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