In mysql i have 2 table.


  • wp_postmeta_import


  • wp_postmeta_temp

These tables have these columns:

  • meta_id
  • post_id
  • meta_key
  • meta_value

I need to update only my column meta_value of wp_postmeta_temp when post_id is egual to post id of wp_postmeta_import and the value of meta_key is _variation_description because in table are other post_id with other value

i try some code an this is the only that work a little bit but it is change the row that i need and in the other meta_key it gives me NULL.

UPDATE wp_postmeta_temp  
SET meta_value = (
                      wp_postmeta_import.post_id = wp_postmeta_temp.post_id 
                      wp_postmeta_temp.meta_key = '_variation_description' 

The table have rows, for any post_id for exemple:

  • meta_id: variable (82649,82650..)
  • post_id: 5065
  • meta_key: _variation_description or _regular_price or total_sales ecc..
  • meta_value: variable (15, 0, 200 ...)

i hope that i'm clear anyone can help me, please?

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you should join the tables, so that all rows are joint together.

Before you start this use a select with the inner join to see if it fits.

UPDATE wp_postmeta_temp wpmt 
INNER JOIN wp_postmeta_import wpi ON wpi.post_id=wpmt.post_id AND wpmt.meta_key = '_variation_description'
   SET wpmt.meta_value= wpi.meta_value 
  • Hello, thank's thank's thank's thank's it works prefectly Feb 28, 2021 at 14:10

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