I have two tables: user and address.

User table:

id email name
1 [email protected] Henk
2 [email protected] John

Address table:

id user_id street is_default
1 1 Super cool street 1
2 1 Beautiful avenue 0
3 1 Some street 0
4 2 Damn cool street 0
5 2 Cool street 1
6 2 My street 0

The problem

Image someone setting two default addresses for a user; it would be non-sensical from the Business logic perspective.

The question

I want to create a unique constraint composed by user_id and is_default but only for a specific case, which is that the constraint must be enforced when is_default is 1.

Is this possible with mysql?

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Add a foreign key column in the user table that references the primary key of the address table. Call it default_address_id. This enforces uniqueness because it can have only one value at a time for a given user.

Then drop the is_default column in your address table because it risks disagreeing with the foreign key in the user table.

  • I should've thought of that. It's that simple. Thanks for the rubber duck.
    – Julian
    Mar 10, 2021 at 14:04

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