I need to create a shell script that finds and kills long running mongo queries more than a specified threshold e.g. 15sec I plan to use db.currentOp(); and db.killOp(); to find and kill queries but I do not have much experience with shell scripts. how do I do this?


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Just putting this here since I was struggling with the same for a while:

Here is how you can do it in python3 Tested on mongo version 4.0 and pymongo version 3.11.4

import pymongo

client = pymongo.MongoClient("mongodb://mongodb0.example.com:27017")
admin_db = client.get_database("admin")

milliseconds_running = 10000

query = [
    {"$currentOp": {"allUsers": True, "idleSessions": True}},
        "$match": {
            "active": True,
            "microsecs_running": {
                "$gte": milliseconds_running * 1000
            "ns": {"$in": ["mydb.collection1", "mydb.collection2"]},
            "op": {"$in": ["query"]},

ops = admin_db.aggregate(query)

count = 0

for op in ops:

    admin_db.command({"killOp": 1, "op": op["opid"]})

    count += 1

logging.info("ops found: %d" % count)

I wrote a more robust and configurable script for it here It also has a Dockerfile file in case anyone wants to use this as a container. I am currently using it as a periodic cleanup job.

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