Now I am using MySQL 5.7, I have some data like this:



I want to concat the user_id and distinct , finnally count the result of distinct result(finally I find the result still have duplicate value), is it possible to complete it in one sql? I known distinct like this:

select group_concat(DISTINCT user_id SEPARATOR ',')
from report_summary
where statistic_time >= 1615824000000

how to count the result?

enter image description here

and now I found the result still have duplicate value using this sql:

select group_concat(DISTINCT bet_user_ids SEPARATOR ',')
from report_summary
where statistic_time >= 1616083200000
and statistic_time <= 1616169599999 

the result is:


the user 42890 have three times in the result.

  • Split CSV to separate values, then concat distinct values back.
    – Akina
    Mar 16, 2021 at 9:24

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There's no direct way to do this with one operator, but you can use the following trick to accomplish it:

select group_concat(DISTINCT user_id SEPARATOR ','),
    LENGTH(group_concat(DISTINCT user_id SEPARATOR ',')) - LENGTH(REPLACE(group_concat(DISTINCT user_id SEPARATOR ','), ',', '')) + 1 AS IdCount
from report_summary
where statistic_time >= 1615824000000

Basically it counts the number of commas (+ 1) in the list by subtracting the length of the string after removing the commas from the original string's length. I thought it was pretty nifty and found it in this StackOverflow answer.

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