I put this same question on Oracle's community site but this site gets a lot of activity so I am posting here also. Apologies to anyone who is on both.

Other post: https://community.oracle.com/tech/developers/discussion/4482456/can-you-have-more-than-65536-sessions-on-a-rac-database

On Oracle 19c you cannot set the sessions parameter to more than 65536 so I believe that means that you can have at most 65536 sessions on a single node database.

If I had a two node RAC database could each node have 65536 sessions or are we limited to 65536 total for both nodes?


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Each Oracle instance in a RAC configuration maintains its own resources and sessions; you would be able to have up to 65536 sessions for each node in the cluster.


  • Thanks for your answer. Makes sense but I would feel better if I could actually test it directly. The gv$session view has instance number and session id so it makes sense that there would be 65536 for each node. Anyway, I need a RAC instance to ramp up some sessions on. :) Mar 26, 2021 at 0:04

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