I am trying to install MySQL 5.7.33 onto a windows 2012 server. A process I have done many many times. I have copied the Zip file onto the server and expanded it into G:/mysql57/ (the same zip file I used to install on other servers previously without issues).

I place a my.ini file into this directory. Then I initialize the database:

G:/mysql57/bin/mysqld.exe --initialize --basedir=G:/mysql57/ --datadir=G:/mysql57/data/

So far so good. The error log is created along with temporary password. I then install the service:

G:/mysql57/bin/mysqld.exe --install MySQL57 --defaults-file="G:/mysql57/my.ini"

I then try to start the service, which results in:

Error 1053: The service did not respond in a timely fashion

It also annoyingly doesn't add anything to the error log.

If I try and run mysqld manually however it works fine, no errors

G:/mysql57/bin/mysqld.exe --defaults-file=G:/mysql57/my.ini

I can log in, I change my password etc.

Yet starting the service fails, every time.

I should point out that there is another MySQL database on there in D:/mysql (MySQL 5.5) which is using port 3306 and runs fine. This new one is using Port 3307. Again a process I have done many times over.

I have checked the Windows Event Viewer, nothing. I have tried the my.ini file from the old database. I have tried a minimal my.ini file (port, basedir and datadir only).

Still nothing.

Is there anything else I have missed, as I've now lost most of a day on something that was supposed to be done by lunchtime.

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It seems it all came down to the " " which it didn't like.

So I changed:

G:/mysql57/bin/mysqld.exe --install MySQL57 --defaults-file="G:/mysql57/my.ini"


G:/mysql57/bin/mysqld.exe --install MySQL57 --defaults-file=G:/mysql57/my.ini

and it started up straight away. I can only assume this is something to do with Windows Server 2012, as I repeated the whole process (with " ") on my Windows 10 PC, and it worked fine.

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