I have the following table that is the "Class" table:

class_size class_number student_id
2 4005
1 4007
2 4001
3 4010

I want the "class_size" column to be generated automatically based on the other two columns. I have tried the following SQL statement, but it doesn't work:

update Class 
set class_size=totalSize 
where totalSize,Cnum in (Select class_number as Cnum ,count(student_id) as totalSize 
from Class
group by class_number)
and class_number = Cnum;

I really appreciate it if someone can help me with this problem, as I tried many different statements and still I cannot get it right.

  • Would you state how to calculate class size?
    – McNets
    Apr 4 at 19:14
  • I calculate the class size based on the number of people taking it. for example in the table I showed, two people with student IDs 4005 and 4001 are in the class_number 2, so the class size of the class_number 2 is 2. On the other hand, only one person with the student ID 4010 is in the class_number 3, so the class_size of the class_number 3 is 1.
    – annita
    Apr 4 at 20:39

here is the syntax :

 update class
 inner join (
    select class_number, count(*) totalSize
    from class
    group by class_number
 ) cc on class.class_number = cc.class_number
 set class.class_size = totalSize

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