I use SQL Server and try to make daily backups of my database. Of course I need to backup twice, at 9am and 5pm. I use Maintenance Plans.

Can maintenance plan create two backup for each database without ecrease the first backup ?


Are you using the same backup file? In that case you have to append backups and have two schedules of the same maintenance plan.

If you want to have two files, create a second backup plan at the second time.

But if you really want to create good backup plans use the Ola hallengren solution:


and stop using integrated sql maintenance plans.

  • Thanks for the ansewer, but , why i would stop use sql maintenance plan ? – Quentin Merlin Apr 5 at 14:11
  • because the Ola solution is more reliable and versatile; it is widely recognised as one of the best solutions. – MBuschi Apr 5 at 14:50
  • Msg 102, Level 15, State 1, Line 1 , in the backup script – Quentin Merlin Apr 5 at 15:02
  • ? syntax error ? – MBuschi Apr 5 at 15:27

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