Need help if anyone can offer!

I currently have my select statement returning the TOP 1000 * results from a table. They are CC numbers that are currently active. I'd like to see how I can go about writing a query that could show me what has CC numbers have changed.

If something has changed, it will send a report to the listed people. If nothing, then it does nothing. It only actions once something has happened. We have an inhouse system that will do the automated part... I just need a select statement that will return what has changed. If I can get some help on this, it would be amazing!

Thank you!


If you're not already logging changes yourself in your user defined tables, then you'll need to implement a feature that does so for your. Here is a list of features you can use to accomplish this:

  1. Triggers - Fire whenever data changes in a table, can implement logic similar to being in the context of a stored procedure.

  2. Temporal Tables - System versioned copies of the user defined tables that track changes.

  3. Change Tracking - Automated tracking of changes for your user defined tables.

  4. Change Data Capture - Keeps track of DML changes to the specified user defined tables.

  5. Audit - Automatically tracks a multitude of actions at the server level.


That is exactly what triggers do. Please have a look at https://www.sqlservertutorial.net/sql-server-triggers/ or https://www.sqlshack.com/triggers-in-sql-server/ or https://www.mssqltips.com/sqlservertip/5909/sql-server-trigger-example/ you will find more information.

If you just need an update trigger it will be something like:

create trigger triggername on yourtable for update as begin yourcommands end;

Hope it helps.

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