Unfortunately I do not have recent backup.... Sql service is not starting. I am unable to connect to database from management studio.

After power failure sql server 2008 production system not starting up. Windows service gives error 3414.

Sql error log says:

SPID10s Error: 9003, severity: 20, state 1. SPID10s the log scan number (78:96:1) passed to log scan in database 'model' is not valid.

Connecting from Management Studio says:


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    1) Please DO NOT YELL it is very impolite. 2) Please DO NOT request urgent help as that is not a thing on this site. – Dale K Apr 7 at 7:25
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    You should fix your caps-lock key before proceeding - it's broken and won't let you enter lower case letters. – a_horse_with_no_name Apr 7 at 7:26
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    Sounds like you've contacted the support dept. and asked for urgent assistance :) – cdrrrrr Apr 7 at 7:37
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    "UNFORTUNATELY I DO NOT HAVE RECENT BACKUP" WEll, at least learn from that lesson and start making them frequently. If you aren't/weren't prepared to lose hours/days of data, then you should have been prepared to take backups more regularly. – Larnu Apr 7 at 8:05
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    Sounds like you might need urgent help from Microsoft support for this server that's long been unsuppor.... oh. – sTTu Apr 7 at 8:07

First, please don't shout.

You need to rebuild your system databases which is done using the bootstrap for SQL Server. Here is the documentation.

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  • Hopefully only the model db is affected so you should save the mdf / ldf files of the other system databases before rebuilding them so as to preserve logins and the user database registrations in master db, and sql agent jobs etc in msdb – Stephen Morris - Mo64 Apr 7 at 9:40