I have a newly created domain account (domainname\user1).

This will be used by SQL server agent job proxy credential to run a SSIS package that creates/deletes files and folders on the same computer as the agent job. So effectively the package will run as though it is the user domainname\user1.

What is the permission that I need to assign to domainname\user1 on the computer? For example: I don't want to assign it to the Local administrator group. Should I add it to the Users group? Or any other group?

  • Would you be able to assign it to a windows job to run and give it permission to only run that job? Might make auditing a lot easier. – Ali Razeghi Apr 7 at 8:27

You might find a better answer asking this question on ServerFault but in general I believe you'd just have to add that domain user to the Folder Security tab of the root folder where files will be created and deleted. You'll likely want to give that user Read, Write, and Modify permissions in the Security tab. Please see this article for more information.

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