I have a clustered SSAS Tabular named instance (TAB_PROD) running on SQL Server 2016 SP2/Windows 2012 R2.

When the instance is running on Node1 in the cluster I can connect to it using

  • SQL Network Name + Instance : TABULAR\TAB_PROD

But when the instance is failed over to Node2 in the cluster I can no longer connect to it using TABULAR\TAB_PROD. When I do I get the error "no connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it :59755"

SQL Server Browser is running on both nodes in the cluster as I know named SSAS instances use dynamic ports assignments. I've tried switching the account that runs Browser from Local Service to Local System as I've seen some suggestions that might resolve this, but it didn't work.

Grateful for any suggestions as to why it only connects on one node in the cluster.

  • Have you verified the firewall is allowing UDP 1434 (for browser) and the port for SSAS? It is always a good idea to set the port statically so you can limit the openings in your firewall and also be sure which port you're connecting on.
    – HandyD
    Apr 14 at 3:38

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