1 Find all manufacturers who have built fewer than 2 ships that have shipped Concrete Forms and have never shipped Toyota Camrys.

2.List out the total of each item carried by a shipment piloted by each captain/

3.For each month of 2016, show the total items shipped as well as the total number of items shipped in each month as well as the total number shipped in the prior month.

Lname ----------- Fname ------- Description

Smith ------------ John --------- Concrete Forms

Smith ------------- John ----------- Toyota Camry


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    We can help with homework if you get stuck at some point. But, try to do something at least. Welcome to the forum. – McNets Apr 8 at 17:13
  • i am stock thats why i post. if you gave me any instructions and example that will helpful for me – Mahmodul Hassan Apr 8 at 17:24
  • join all tables you need and the write a where clause texclude all niot vaulid rows. in your first questuion you need the count of ships per panudfacturer id which you alsio have to join Start the join with manufacturer as you need the name – nbk Apr 8 at 17:58

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