I am slowly adding data to one of the tables in a MySQL database via Workbench. In order to enter data into the table I click on the icon at the end of the table name in the list of tables in the Schema. The data loads eventually, but it's taking longer and longer as the size of the table increases. At present it takes 3 minutes to load and I have entered less than 10% of the data that will eventually comprise the table.

Is there a faster way to load that data into the editor or am I stuck with waiting each time I want to add some data? All of the help I have found on the web relates to "importing" data into a database. I simply wonder if there isn't a faster way to load a table.

Thanks for any help.

John G

  • open a query tab and make there A INSERT INTO.. VALUES, a your tabkes get bigger it will takes more time to generate indexes and so on. – nbk Apr 17 at 17:33
  • There are multiple ways to "add data"; please be more specific about which way you are using. – Rick James Apr 17 at 18:30
  • I'm only aware of one way to add data to a table in Workbench, as described in my original post. I go to the db schema, go to the table I want to add data to, rt click on the table icon at the end of the line and wait for the table to load into the "result grid." I then go to the bottom of the table file that has loaded (last line) and add my new information using "Form Editor." I then click on "Apply." And so on. I don't want to leave the computer on. I must use Workbench for this process for reasons too explain. Thanks. – John G Apr 17 at 20:16

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