What are the impacts / steps from DB2 DB side before VMware SvMotion Storage migration ?


The impact should be minimal, if not non-existent. I've had several databases of varying sizes (both in storage and cluster) and types (MySQL, Postgres, Cassandra, to name a few) migrated between different storage environments with little impact to the end user. The VM always stays online and is usable just as it was prior to the vMotion.

If it's a:

  • manually triggered event I would say, at minimum, have a fresh backup available somewhere off-server in case there is a problem that requires a recovery. Otherwise, watch your applications and logs on the DB server as the Storage vMotion is occurring and react accordingly.
  • automatic event because of storage failure, storage utilization, etc., you should be sure your backups are automated and saved off-server so you can recover should there be a problem. VM snapshots won't save you here should there be a problem.

Answer left in a comment by mustaccio:

I presume set write suspend should be enough.

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