I am running an SSIS package that transfers data from one (SQL2008) server to another (SQL2000). However after P2V conversion the SQL2008 server cannot execute an SSIS package due to a user authentication error.

Lets say the package is called "Transfer-Go". In the connection string of that package can it call another SSIS package? In the SSIS library there is another package with the same that appears in the string (called Transfer-Now) name The string is below:

Data Source=<IP>;User ID=<user>;Initial Catalog=<db_name>;Provider=SQLNCLI10.1;Persist Security Info=True;OLE DB Services=-13;Auto Translate=False;Application Name=SSIS-<Transfer-Now-name of other SSIS package>-{8ABA18EE-637E-424F-A3F7-F7E4EA50DD9D}<IP.db_name.user>;

So is this SSIS package connection string calling that package?

And if the credentials are wrong in that package could that be why I am unable to authenticate?

Thanks for any input, not a DB/SQL guy at all so I apologize if I sound green here.

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The connection string is not calling another SSIS Package. The property Application Name is optional filler text so you can differentiate one connection from another.

Application Name=SSIS-<Transfer-Now-name of other SSIS package>-{8ABA18EE-637E-424F-A3F7-F7E4EA50DD9D}<IP.db_name.user>

If Transfer-Go has the a reference to Transfer-Now in the connection string, the probable cause is that the developer created Transfer-Now and then copy/pasted either the package in whole or at least the Connection Manager between the packages.

The mechanisms for one package to run another package are

  • Execute Package Task {either as an in-process (synchronous) or out of process (asynchronous)}
  • Execute SQL Task
  • Execute Process Task

The later two options will have you either running a predefined Agent Job or building out the appropriate commands to dtexec

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