I need to perform some steps, I have to migrate our company live DB to a new server, if I use normal way such as lock table, mysqldump, scp, mysql restore, it take around 5-6 hours, so I want to make it quicker by those steps: ( note that i already have master/slave replication on backup server )

1- take full mysql backup from backup server and write down pos.

2- restore backup from previous step in the new DB server.

3- create master/slave replication between old & new Live DB from pos I took from step 1.

4- lock write on Live DB.

5- ensure that new Live DB are up to date (how to ?).

6- publish new Live DB server.

so steps from 1 to 3 take whatever it take but my Live DB still working, and i will take around 1/2 an hour between steps from 4 to 6, is my theory working well ?, any suggestion ? also how to ensure that my new Live DB are up to date, i think like when there is no one write on master db (by lock write on DB) the current pos Counter on slave db stop counting..?

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If you already have LVM set up on the disk subsystem use it. Else, see:

How can I optimize a mysqldump of a large database?

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