I ask this question while I could not find any similar question neither on Google nor DBA Stackexchange, this question might be duplicated.
I wrote this query in MS access to check for first name and surname. But every time I run the query, I see two little input boxes which come after each other. I want to change my query so that I enter first name and surname in One/Single input box.
How can I design something like this?

Here is what I achieved up until this point:

SELECT tblGuests.firstname, tblGuests.surname
FROM tblGuests
WHERE (((tblGuests.firstname) Like "*" & [Enter Firstname] & "*") OR ((tblGuests.surname) Like "*" & [Enter Surname] & "*"));
  • Queries don't pop input or make text boxes. It sounds like you are confusing queries and forms.
    – HackSlash
    Aug 17 at 20:20

The query that would display both names in one text box looks like this:

SELECT tblGuests.FirstName & " " & tblGuests.LastName As FullName
FROM tblGuests;

This is not updatable or searchable. Those are functions of Forms and not Queries.

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