I'm using pg_dump to export only the DDL from a database. It's working fine, however the create schema command is not included in the output file.

Here is what I'm using:

pg_dump -s -c -t myschema.mytable connectionURI

Everything works as expected, but I was expecting a create schema myschema command. Is there an option I'm missing?

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    No. If you export the entire schema (with -n [schema]), it will be included, but if specific tables are selected with -t, only the CREATE TABLE (& other statements that operate on the table - constraints, permissions etc) will be generated. – AdamKG Apr 28 at 21:48
  • @AdamKG: You might post that as answer? (I tried with a combination of -n and -t, but -t suppresses CREATE SCHEMA like you stated.) – Erwin Brandstetter Apr 29 at 13:31

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