I am trying to set up an administrator user on gridDB by the following command:

gs_passwd admin

and I got this error: A00105: GS_HOME, GS_LOG environment variable not set

So what should I do?


The error message is giving you a big hint - if only all error message were as clear as this one!

In Linux (which is what I presume you are running...) there are environment variables.

You can run

env | sort 

and you will see all of yours.

You have to do something like

$> export GS_HOME=gs_value 

and then run:

$> echo $GS_HOME 

(where $> is the bash prompt) and you will get gs_value.

You have to set GS_HOME and GS_LOG to appropriate values - this should be in the documentation. A quick search led me here.

Have you followed the steps?

 $ git clone https://github.com/griddb/griddb.git
 $ cd griddb
 $ ./bootstrap.sh
 $ ./configure
 $ make

 $ export GS_HOME=$PWD
 $ export GS_LOG=$PWD/log
 $ export PATH=${PATH}:$GS_HOME/bin

and just below that:

The following environment variables are defined.

Environment variables  Value                                              Meaning 
  GS_HOME              Directory where source code file is decompressed   GridDB home directory 
  GS_LOG               $GS_HOME/log                                       Event log file output directory

You should put the lines:

export GS_HOME=/path/to/your/install export GS_LOG=/path/to/your/install/log

into the .bashrc file that's in your home directory - assuming you are running a standard version of Linux.

That should help get you started!

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