I have two jsonb columns(keys,values). Eg: keys colum value = ["key1","key2","key3","key4"] values column = ["val1","val2","val3","val4"]

I want to write a select query to get the output as below based on the array index.

  • This is existing table structure. Cannot change that. But output need as a single key value json
    – REMITH
    Commented May 6, 2021 at 6:44

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You need to unnest the arrays then aggregate everything back into a single JSON value:

select x.value
from the_table t
  cross join lateral (
    select jsonb_object_agg(k.ky, v.value) as value
    from jsonb_array_elements_text(t.keys) with ordinality as k(ky,idx)
       join jsonb_array_elements(t.values) with ordinality as v(value,idx) on k.idx = v.idx
  ) x

Online example


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