I got the backup works by setting these on the helm chart values (it works according to the documentation):

      type: s3
        bucket: gcp_bucket
        credentialsSecret: google-cloud-storage-s3-backup
        region: us-west2
        endpointUrl: https://storage.googleapis.com/

It's uploaded successfully on the google cloud storage: backup successful

Then I tried to restore the backup:

gsutil -m cp -r \                                      
  "gs://gcp_bucket/percona-2021-05-06-00:00:11-full.md5" \
  "gs://gcp_backup/percona-2021-05-06-00:00:11-full.sst_info/" \
  "gs://gcp_backup/percona-2021-05-06-00:00:11-full/" \
| [1.1k/1.1k files][  2.7 GiB/  2.7 GiB] 100% Done 942.3 KiB/s ETA 00:00:00     
Operation completed over 1.1k objects/2.7 GiB. 

sudo apt install percona-server-server percona-xtrabackup-80

The documentation said:

service mysqld stop
rm -rf /var/lib/mysql/*
cat xtrabackup.stream | xbstream -x -C /var/lib/mysql # --> where is this from?
xtrabackup --prepare --target-dir=/var/lib/mysql 
chown -R mysql:mysql /var/lib/mysql
service mysqld start

The problem is, I could not find any file named copy-backup.sh or xtrabackup.stream in the backup directories, is there other way to restore the backup, also all files compressed with lz4? backup content

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The copy-backup.sh can be found on the repo

Then following the commands on the documentation will produce xtrabackup.stream file.

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