I have included Postgres in a custom installer for a Windows application. I do not use the installer binary, but extract the Postgres zip archive for installation and then run initdb from a batch script.

After installation, the db cluster should accept connections from everywhere. Currently my installation routine

  1. modifies pg_hba.conf
  2. creates a firewall rule

Problem: I don't know how make the installation routine configure postgresql.conf so that listen_addresses is set to the right value:

listen_addresses = '*'

Currently this has to be done manually. I didn't find a parameter in initdb that does this.

Question: Is there any way to automate the installation process so that listen_addresses is configured as needed? Can this be done using initdb?


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The easiest solution is to append:

listen_addresses = '*'

to postgresql.conf after running initdb. As the last occurrence overrides earlier ones, this would even apply if the default entry were commented out.

Db cluster has to be restarted/reloaded after that.

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