I am setting up log-shipping from server1 to server2.

there are many databases on server1 and I want to automate the process.

I have already done a few databases manually, while I am working on the automating process.

First question is:

How can I easily find out which databases are already set up in the log-shipping and which ones are not?

Currently to get a list of databases not yet on log-shipping I am doing the following:

    if object_id('tempdb.dbo.#log_shipping_monitor ') is not null
       drop table #log_shipping_monitor 

    create table #log_shipping_monitor  
        status bit null  
        ,is_primary bit not null default 0  
        ,server sysname   
        ,database_name sysname  
        ,time_since_last_backup int null  
        ,last_backup_file nvarchar(500) null  
        ,backup_threshold int null  
        ,is_backup_alert_enabled bit null  
        ,time_since_last_copy int null  
        ,last_copied_file nvarchar(500) null  
        ,time_since_last_restore int null  
        ,last_restored_file nvarchar(500) null  
        ,last_restored_latency int null  
        ,restore_threshold int null  
        ,is_restore_alert_enabled bit null  
        ,ts timestamp not null  
        ,primary key (is_primary, server, database_name)  
        ,unique (ts)  

    insert into #log_shipping_monitor
exec master.dbo.sp_executesql    @stmt=N'exec sp_help_log_shipping_monitor'
                                ,@params=N'@verbose bit'
                                , @Verbose=0

SELECT d.NAME, d.recovery_model_desc 
  FROM sys.databases d
where d.name not in 
            select l.database_name
            from #log_shipping_monitor l
            where l.[server] = @@SERVERNAME

      and d.database_id > 5 
      and d.state_desc = 'ONLINE'
order by d.name 

this is working fine and gives me the following result:

enter image description here

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that worked fine but there is a much easier way to monitor and have a look at the log shipping settings by using the log shipping tables in the msdb.

for instance:


Stores one record for the primary database in a log shipping configuration. This table is stored in the msdb database.

 select * from msdb.dbo.log_shipping_primary_databases

enter image description here

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